Monday, March 13, 2017

7th Grade Earth Day 2017 T-Shirt Contest By Kei'Shauna

Congratulations to the 7th grade Earth Day 2017 T-Shirt Contest winners, Dylan, Mason, and Darieun! The group’s winning design, pictured above, was recently voted as the best by 7th grade students. Dylan, Mason, and Darieun will each receive a free t-shirt printed with their design.

7th grade students will soon be selling the winning t-shirt to earn money for the math department to purchase break-out boxes, which makes solving math problems fun. 7th grade math teacher, Mrs. Fritsch, stated that this project will, “help the students learn ratios, rates, and proportional relationships.” In addition, the t-shirt project will help promote the Earth Day Festival here at Red Bank on Saturday, April 22nd, from 8 am to 4 pm.

Special thanks to Mr. Leo Ascarate, of OurLuck Print, for donating his time to teach students about the screenprinting process.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Giver.....The Next Chapter According to You

     Our Book Club, which meets every day in the Media Center during Directed Studies, just finished reading and discussing the science fiction book, The Giver, by Lois Lowry. This group of awesome RBMS students, Haley, Joseph, Kei'Shauna, Cordell, Elly, Isabella, Jadah, Autumn, and Hattie, made book trailers using the Touchcast app on their iPads and the green screen in the Media Center. You can check out one of the book trailers by Isabella and Elly in the blog post below. The students also did an excellent job writing the next chapter of The Giver according to them. We have some future authors among us!

Read Chapter 24 of The Giver By Elly Here

Read Chapter 24 of The Giver By Haley Here

Monday, May 16, 2016

Alice Through the Looking Glass By Ashlynn M.

     May 27 “a whole new level of madness is coming into theaters.” Alice Through The Looking Glass is the sequel to Alice In  Wonderland that came out 5 years ago in 2010. Many people who like Alice In  Wonderland are excited for this movie. Alice In Wonderland has been popular for many years, and has many fans.

     Alice Through The Looking Glass is a whole new adventure Alice goes through to save the Mad Hatter, but, she has to go back in time! She will most likely have problems as she did in the first one too. However, I heard Alice will have powers in this one. That may not be true, but I guess we'll find out on May 27th, won't we?

     Not many people are aware of the book this movie is based on. Alice Through The Looking Glass is actually based on a book Lewis Carroll wrote after Alice In Wonderland. I have yet to read the book, so I do not know much about it. I’m hoping to read it before I see the movie. The book was originally published in 1871. Lewis Carroll has written many other books and more on the topic of Alice In Wonderland. I am very excited to find out more about this movie!

To get more information on the movie, click the link below:

Earth Day Annual Contest By Jordan L. and Sarah S.

     On the 22nd of April, 2016, students from every grade came to the hallways to have a chalk draw off contest for Earth Day. Students had about 5 hours to draw and make the poster of your dreams. Many different students participated. You couldn't be failing any classes, or have any N’s or U’s for your conduct grade.  There were four winners, and each received a different prize. The first place winner was Gracie Tuckier, a sixth grader.

Students and teachers voted on their favorite poster by dropping money into the bucket next to the poster for which they wanted to vote. Students won depending on how much money they got dropped into their bucket. All the money that people earned was donated to the science department. A total of fifty-eight kids participated. On the week that we were supposed to be testing, Mr. Pokorny wanted to do something fun. Mr. Pokorny said, “The teacher I worked with in Florida did a chalk drawing contest every year.” Lastly, Mr. Pokorny wants the to be an annual event.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Converse Shoes By Apryl M.

     Converse shoes have been around since 1908. The inventors were Marquis Mills Converse and Elisha Converse. The birthplace of Converse shoes was Boston, Massachusetts.

   Converse was originally a basketball shoe. The All Star high tops were the most popular. The symbol on the shoe has Charles H. Taylor’s signature on it. Chuck, a nickname for Charles, Taylor was an American basketball player.

  You can see the signature of Chuck Taylor in the picture to the left. All Star Converse were invented by Chuck Taylor.

    These shoes have been very popular since the 1950’s. These shoes are always in style. Converse have even been worn on the red carpet. Girls and boys wear them to prom. Converse are what started Nike, Jordan's, and other basketball shoes. Converse is like Ford, it started something new.